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The handcraft

Vervloet make some of the nicest architectural hardware in the world in their workshop in Brussels. Beginning with sand or wax cast bronze or brass from France, the pieces then go through any other necessary steps of manual work in Belgium, including boring, welding, filing, engraving, chiseling, adjusting, polishing, and degreasing.

Please feel free to explore their catalogue and enquire with us about any of their items. And keep in mind that the configurations are very much assembled à la carte. If you see a handle you like, it can often be arranged on another rose or plate and for your preferred use.

Historical collections

We believe Vervloet have the best selection of timeless architectural hardware around and so recommend these pieces for many settings. In addition, they have an extensive collection of historical models from past periods of European building and are one of the few workshops to maintain the skills necessary to craft these pieces.

Traditional assembly

The assemblies are completely traditional, with grub screws fixing the handles to the spindles and solid thickness roses fixed with slotted screws. There are no circlips, built-in springs, or through-bolts. Stainless steel grub screws and finish matched brass slotted screws are included.

Lever handles

Lever handles for rotating operation of the latchbolt on vertical rim or mortise locks.

Material: brass with stainless steel 8mm spindle

Pictured at left is what is known as a Chemin de fer handle, named in the French and Dutch for its origin of use in railway passenger cars in the 19th century. It is one of the most versatile handles, complementing almost any setting. This is the L or lever version ; there is also a T or olive version.

1007S + rose 759: US$ 560 (pair) (bronze price +35%)

Pictured at right is an elegant and subtle handle with interesting characteristics in the curves. It has an Old World presence to it, well suited to the country house, but with a versatility that would also fit the town house.

775 + rose 5: US$ 570 (pair) (bronze price +35%)

Vervloet catalogue: Timeless collection lever handles

Vervloet catalogue: Gothic collection lever handles

Olive handles

Olive handles for fixed installation or turning operation of the latchbolt on horizontal rim locks, horizontal or vertical mortise locks, or cremone bolt mechanisms. Remember that the à la carte nature of the items allows them to be used in a variety of ways beyond what is shown in the catalogue.

Vervloet catalogue: Timeless collection olive handles

Knob handles

Knob handles for fixed installation on doors. Some of the knobs are also suitable for adaptation to turning operation of the latchbolt on horizontal rim locks or horizontal or vertical mortise locks. For example, door knob 133 could be made as a turning knob on 8mm spindle and mounted on rose 759.

Vervloet catalogue: Timeless collection knob handles


Hinges for doors or casement windows. Excellent form and a good balance of simplicity and decoration.

Material: brass with stainless steel hinge pin

2000L + finials GU: US$ 180 (pictured, RH model)

3.94" x 3.54" (not including finials) (pictured)
2.95" x 3.54" (not including finials)

Vervloet catalogue: Timeless collection hinges

Rim locks

Rim locks in vertical or horizontal format with flange for surface mounting on doors. Made with a brass case and brass and stainless steel internal parts. Case width 2.95" and backset 1.77" on the vertical lock and case height 4.02" and backset 4.53" on the horizontal lock. Traditionally, a lever handle would be used with the vertical lock and an olive or knob handle with the horizontal lock.

Espagnolette bolts

Espagnolette bolts for closing inswing double casement windows. Elegant and robust. My favorite way of building and outfitting windows. You might consider the Gothic espagnolette bolt with lever BG or putting lever BG on espagnolette bolt 1126 or espagnolette bolt F. One nice way to configure these is with polished brass handle and guides and gunmetal brass bolt.

Surface bolts

Surface bolts for fixing the inactive leaf of double doors. Surface bolt 400 is a nice design in the Timeless collection. The same contrast as mentioned on espagnolette can be used if desired, of polished brass handle and guides and gunmetal brass bolt.

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