Resources and Guidelines


I recommend always to use solid wood and traditional mortise and tenon joinery to build doors and windows. Perhaps even pegged mortise and tenon joinery. There are millennia of precedent behind these methods, they have proven their durability and quality, and they perpetuate important craft skills and wisdom.

I recommend windows be true divided light with single glazing. It is up to you whether to use mouth blown restoration glass or modern float glass.


I like hand planed unfinished wood. But sometimes a natural finish might be desired. I recommend hemp oil, jojoba oil (another) (actually a liquid wax), or a blend of jojoba oil and beeswax. Organic growing and processing methods are best. If paint is for some reason desired, I recommend natural lime paint with earth pigments.

We provide hardware with the metal finished unlacquered, so that the characteristics of copper alloys can be enjoyed and a natural patina can develop over time.

Hinge handing

Gauche: Left (DIN: Right)
Droite: Right (DIN: Left)

Lock handing

Droite poussante: Right pushing (DIN: Right outward)
Droite tirante: Right pull (DIN: Left inward)
Gauche poussante: Left pushing (DIN: Left outward)
Gauche tirante: Left pull (DIN: Right inward)

Côté intérieur: Interior side


A: measurement between top and bottom rails
B: measurement from bottom rail to handle
C: width of the rib (should be about 2")
E: thickness of the rib
F: width of the top and bottom rails

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